16 неординарных мест, которые обязан посетить каждый путешественник

Есть такое замечательное выражение «Хочется, но колется». Отлично описывает ситуацию, когда стоишь на краю пропасти и можешь туда прыгнуть, с парашютом или аквалангом, но боишься сделать этот шаг. А ведь таких мест на Земле не так уж и мало, где отчаянно красиво, маняще и страшно одновременно. Безусловно, здесь должен побывать каждый!

Большая голубая дыра в Белизе — слабо нырнуть?

Подземные лабиринты Карлсбад, древнейшая пещерная система в мире

Любители моржевания на озере Лиосон, Швейцария

Расщелина во льдах, национальный парк Скафтаффель, Исландия

Обычно за таким косяком идут хищные рыбы, так что купание на свой страх

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World’s 2nd largest Sardine school 🐟🐟 Kate’s freediving skills have definitely improved on this trip, so proud of her! 💙 Going outside her comfort zone and loving it! ⠀⠀⠀⠀ We had a lot of people telling us to check out the Sardine Run while we were in Moalboal. In all honesty we had no idea what to expect 😝 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Imagine thousands of sardines swimming around you, would you enjoy it? 😜😆 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ WE DID 🙌🏼🙌🏼 thanks to @kasai_village for taking us! ⠀⠀⠀⠀ #moalboal #cebu #philippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #tourism #sardine #sardinerun #diving #scubadiving #freediving #snorkelling #voyaged #philippine_islands #olympus #olympus_au #ikelite #underwater #wearetravelgirls #travelcouple #couple #freedive #dive #freediver #snorkel #ocean #reef #wildlife #oceanlife #marinelife

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Затопленные пещеры недалеко от хорватской деревни Пула

Синот Ик Кил — таинственная мексиканская пещера

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One of the dreamiest swims out there, and the rest of the world thinks so too. Swipe to see the reality of how crowded this place gets. And they say this is the slow season. So to get a shot we wait for a moment between tour busses and still have to edit out a few people. Check the third slide for my Lightroom edit. It took about 15 min to get what I wanted on this one. . . Just cause I know I’m gonna get this question — I don’t sell presets. I don’t use them because I subscribe to the idea that every photo needs something different. Editing is by far my least fav aspect of the job. In my last 100 posts, I’ve had to take out people like this 2 times, so this was one of the tougher and more intricate alterations I’ve done. My average edit time is about 2 minutes. 🏊🏻‍♀️ @jess.wandering

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Крокодил настоящий, стекло прочное. А все равно адреналин ручьями!


Там не так высоко, как кажется. А еще выше!


Скалы Седоны, Аризона, США

На Гавайях очень красиво, но несколько страшновато в этой пучине

Люди так беззаботны рядом с этой глубокой дырой

Между прочим, вулкан Бромо — действующий


Падать высоко, зато места красивые и тихие — это Альберта, Канада

В озере Лабуан Чермин холодная и чистая вода на поверхности никогда не смешивается с теплым течением у дна

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Open up your mind and the possibilities are endless. Walking through a fairyland with @brinkleydavies. ———— Going up river on a small local boat through mangrove forests and thick jungles that hold some of the rarest species in the world, we arrived at a spot called “Mirror Lake”. This incredible place is meromictic, meaning it has layers of water that do not mix. The top layer being cool, crystal clear fresh water, and the bottom layer being warm, green, and salty. Diving down as monkeys sat and watched us from the branches above only added to the magic and mysticism. Derawan, Indonesia with the amazing team at @indtravel! One of my new favorite images, shot with @aquatech_imagingsolutions. #underwaterphotography #wonderfulindonesia #freedive #indonesia

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Очаровательная китовая акула — лучший спутник для дайвинга!

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Swimming with these gentle giants. I held my breath and dove down toward the darkness, deep below me I could see whale sharks emerging as they made their way near the surface feeding on plankton. As I turned around, I saw this scene with beautiful rays of light casting down through the water from the early morning sun. — Peering through the lens, I snapped a couple photos before starting my ascent back to the surface. Dive Master and Marine Biologist, @brinkleydavies shared her knowledge and passion for these sharks with me during our 15 hour day on the boat. These whale sharks lack natural predators, but in recent years have been listed as an endangered species due to shark finning, and other anthropogenic pressures such as fishing operations and plastic pollution. — There is so much we still don’t know about these majestic creatures and it would be a shame to lose them forever. Little things like limiting are use of single use plastics, supporting sustainable tourism and saying no to shark fin soup will go a long way in protecting these and so many other animals that have been around for millions of years! — Such an incredible experience in Derawan, Indonesia with @indtravel. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 #wonderfulindonesia #whalesharks #freediving #respectandprotect

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