20 наглядных примеров, как свет и тень превращаются в произведения искусства

За тысячелетия развития культуры художникам, музыкантам и скульпторам стало тяжко удивить зрителя — все уже, так или иначе, было опробовано и показано. Разве что в кино еще удается придумать что-то новенькое. А потому немудрено, что в поисках креатива и вдохновения творцы обращаются к совсем уже экзотическим материалам и концепциям. Смотрим завораживающую игру света и тени!

Девушка сидит на стуле

Нет света — нет и картины

Трудно представить, что их на самом деле нет

Да, это просто груда мусора. Но если посмотреть под правильным углом…

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REAL LIFE IS RUBBISH, 2002 Mixed media, light projector Dimensions variable …….will go into auction today as part of the collection of the late great David Teiger @sothebys New York. David was a great supporter over the years of our work and accumulated an incredible collection of contemporary art during his lifetime. So when Tim and I were asked to exhibit at PS1/MoMa New York in 2003 David loaned us back ‘Real Life is Rubbish’ and was so thrilled to have his work included that he leant us his entire apartment, which was a beautifully designed space overlooking Central Park. He moved out for a couple of weeks ….or so we thought…. we would leave each morning to get the subway over to Long Island City in order to install the show and would come back each night to a well stocked fridge — and settle into the gigantic bed to watch TV and eat bagels …. well we thought we were alone but Teiger had this terrible habit of spying on us — he would burst into the room to check up on us unannounced — especially when we were in bed! He was also very naughty, he once came to the studio on my birthday and presented me with a Diamante dog collar and a lead from Agent Provocatuer….R.I.P David Teiger #timnobleandsuewebster @myblackbaby @timnobleart @sothebys @blainsouthern

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А так смотрится еще круче

Рождение из света!

Личность в нашем цифровом мире

Танцуй, как будто никто тебя не видит

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By #dietwiegman @awesome.arts #michaeljackson

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Казалось бы, просто груда проволоки

Оцифровка образа завершается

Красиво, с какой стороны не посмотри

Малыми формами создается большое чудо


И кто бы догадался, что скульптура скрывает такое?

Неважно, что было исходным материалом

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The Undesirables 2000 Trash, electric fan, 3 light projectors and coloured gels, smoke machine Dimensions variable We gate crashed the 2000 Glastonbury Festival, those were the days when if enough people got together en mass, you could tear down the walls and walk in for free. It was the final evening, the Sunday night when David Bowie was due to headline. We were high on adrenaline after driving the five hours it took non stop from London, sleeping in our van without a ticket on the off chance that we would get in for nothing. By the time we had made our way to the top field of cows, the sun was setting and we were high enough on top of the hill to get the perfect view as Bowie walked on stage. When we arrived back home we were invited to take part in the blockbuster exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts, ‘Apocalypse’ … The image of us sitting atop that hill at Glastonbury, reminded us of the Atomic Bomb warnings ‘Protect and Survive’ that if a nuclear bomb went off you had three minutes to hide under a table for protection from the blast, a great alternative was just sit there and kiss your ass good bye! We were going to build our very own romantic view of the end of the world. The core of the sculpture was to make a gigantic pile of refuse sacks, in reference to ‘The Winter of Discontent’ where mountains of rat infested bin bags were piled high in the streets and alley ways caused by wide spread strikes across Great Britain in the 1970’s. We carefully sculpted two figures from trash that appeared to be sitting atop the pile, one smoking a cigarette. The grasses blowing in the wind were constructed from a feather duster with string adorned over it that swayed slightly by the breeze from an old electric fan thrown onto the pile so the feather duster looked a little like a pampas grass swaying in the wind. #timnobleandsuewebster @myblackbaby @timnobleart @blainsouthern #shadowsculpture #sculpture #art @royalacademyarts

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Путеводная искра


Все подвластно спрятать в тенях

Шедевр, как ни крути

Новый вид современного искусства

И мусор получает применение

Вот это балансировка цветов и теней!

И одна из самых знаменитых скульптур из света и теней


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